Roskilde – Vikings and the Land of Legends




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Nestled on the banks of the scenic Roskilde Fjord, the historic town of Roskilde seamlessly weaves together tales of Viking glory, regal splendor, and cultural richness. Arrive at the renowned Viking Ship Museum, and Immerse yourself in the Viking Age as you explore the museum's impressive collection of well-preserved Viking ships. From warships to trading vessels, each tells a tale of the seafaring prowess of the Vikings. Engage with interactive exhibits and gain insights into maritime history. Next, venture to the historic heart of Roskilde to visit the Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Delve into the rich history of this magnificent cathedral, which has housed the tombs of Danish monarchs for centuries. Marvel at its Gothic architecture and intricate chapels, discovering the stories embedded within its walls. Afterwards we will Indulge in a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, allowing you to savor Danish cuisine while enjoying scenic views of the Roskilde Fjord or the charming town. Afterwards the tour continues, and we will embark on a journey to the Land of Legends, an open-air museum that brings Denmark's past to life. Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore independently, meandering through reconstructed villages, homes, and workshops. Engage with costumed interpreters demonstrating ancient crafts and activities. Don't miss the chance to visit the new Viking Kings Hall, an exciting addition to the historical experience. Price: 1500 DKK/ 220 $ Includes guide, headsets, transport, entrances and lunch (Minimum 20 participants) Pick up/Drop Off: Tivoli Hotel Date: Wednesday Aug 21 st Time: 9.30 – 5.30 pm LEVEL: 3


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Ticket - Roskilde – Vikings and the Land of Legends
1.500,00 kr.
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