JUL – DET’ COOL | Onsdag d. 21. december 2022 kl. 16.30
Join a guided tour of the cozy traditions of Christmas. A city walk that creates a Christmas atmosphere.


  • Start: The memorial anchor in Nyhavn
  • End: Rådhuspladsen

Christmas city walk in Copenhagen
Experience Christmas in Copenhagen from a new angle without gift panic and long to-do lists!
Join a guided tour down the ornate narrow alleys and hear the story of all our many Christmas traditions! What was a Christmas game in the 18th century? Where does Santa Claus really come from? Why did you sleep on the floor on Christmas Eve? Hear the fun and surprising stories about the Danish Christmas traditions from the Vikings’ solstice to Christmas in 2020.

Christmas food
Do you eat duck, roast pork or kale?
At Christmas time, there are a myriad of specific dishes and pastries that we think belong to the season.
How did you originally bake pepper nuts and why did you start caramelizing the potatoes?
On this city walk we also tell about rice a la mande, show bread and the highly coated open sandwich.

Quizzes and nostalgia
“Meet” the songwriter Peter Faber, whose occasional song became a classic, Grundtvig who was extremely skeptical of the Christmas tree and the man behind the enduring hit Christmas ‘it’ cool: MC Ejner.
Test your preparedness as we walk into the nostalgic corner and vie for Christmas calendars through time.
On this pleasant city walk through Copenhagen, you will also become wiser about Christmas mail, Christmas stamps, Christmas food and Christmas hearts.


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