Dragør: A Historic Fishing Village Tour




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As you embark on this half-day adventure, your guide will introduce Dragør's rich history, including the herring trade, piloting, and more. Along the way, your guide will provide historical insights, sharing stories about Christian 2nd, his mistress Dyveke, and the intriguing tales of the Dutch farmers who played a role in the region's history. As you pass the bridge to Sweden, take in stunning views, and learn about the development of this area with the new marina and beach area. Upon arrival in Dragør, you'll be greeted by the charming coastal town with its characteristic, yellow-painted houses, cobblestone streets, and a tranquil harbor. Get ready to step back in time! Embark on a leisurely guided walk through the oldest part of Dragør, with its delightful hollyhocks adorning the picturesque houses. Your guide will lead you through narrow streets, sharing the history of this idyllic fishing village, including the herring trade, piloting, the bleaching of fabric, and the tradition of keeping geese. You'll also hear stories about Karen Blixen, the famous author who spent time in Dragør. During World War II, Dragør played a significant role in helping Jewish citizens escape to Sweden. Your guide will seamlessly integrate this poignant history within the guided walk, offering insights into the Danish Resistance's efforts to save Jewish lives. After the walk, it's time to unwind and savor a delightful Danish tradition - coffee and cake. We'll visit a local café, where you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, paired with a scrumptious piece of Danish cake. Take in the cozy atmosphere of the café and get the explanation on what HYGGE is all about. Before returning to Copenhagen enjoy some free time to explore Dragør at your own pace. Stroll along the harbor, visit local shops, or simply relax in one of the town's tranquil squares. Price: 599 DKK Includes guide, transport, coffee, and cake (Minimum 15 participants) Pick up/Drop Off : Tivoli Hotel Date: Sunday Aug. 25 th Time: 1.30 pm – 5.30 pm Duration: 4 hours LEVEL: 2


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Ticket - Dragør: A Historic Fishing Village Tour
599,00 kr.
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